Model Portfolios

In 1995, the Nightly Business Report asked several of their Market Monitors to produce model portfolios to be included on their new site.  Over time, only one was successful enough to continue until NBR was taken over by CNBC and their site overhauled: Robert F. Drach's Basic Timing Portfolio.  More than 25 years later, the Basic Timing model portfolio continues with its goal of competing with the S&P 500 and producing high win ratios, all while being free and accessible to the public.

Follow the Basic Timing model portfolio here.

More recently, we sought to build a base portfolio of holdings for those times that our most active strategies were on the sidelines.  Rather than reach for stocks that stand out via select metrics, we cast a large net for high-quality stocks that are performing well across a variety of fundamental metrics, while trading at reasonable valuations.  Hence the origin of the "Perfectly Fine Five" portfolio. 

Follow the Perfectly Fine Five model portfolio here (subscribers only)

Our core strategies are focused on domestically-listed companies.  There is a strong desire, however, for a more global approach.   Because of issues in screening for quality among foreign entities, we opted to focus on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), whose diversification serves as a proxy for our domestic high-quality screens.  The Global Basic Timing portfolio seeks a diverse basket of out-of-favor,  long-only, non-leveraged, equity index funds. 

(Coming Soon) Follow the Global Basic Timing model portfolio here (subscribers only)

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